AM Electric's highly skilled workforce is able to provide effective solutions to your electrical needs. Whether we are staffing an electrical maintenance crew, troubleshooting complex pieces of equipment, or installing a new line at our factory; you can be confident that you will receive the highest level of service, safety, quality, and value that the industry has to offer.

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Additional Services

  • On site 24/7 365 Electrical Maintenance
  • New Installations
  • Equipment Retrofitting
  • Systems Commissioning

Maintenance and Repairs

Servicing and Parts Replacement

Programmed Preventative Maintenance (PPM) and servicing of electrical machinery and equipment is imperative in any workplace that relies on electrical systems to manufacture or produce its goods.

Not only will it prolong the life of your equipment, it will also reduce the likelihood of breakdowns and malfunctions which are almost always expensive with lost productivity and repair costs.


We can provide regular PPM servicing to ensure your electrical equipment and systems are in top working order and can arrange for costs to be averaged over multiple billing periods.


We offer Services for:


  • Scheduled Maintenance / Contracts
  • Electrical Parts Replacement
  • Major and Minor Repairs
  • Safety Checks
  • Energy Audits

Facility Relocation and Expansion

Out grown your existing facility, or need to expand?

AM Electric has the expertise to help you upgrade your electrical service, move existing machinery, co-ordinate and supply all your electrical requirements. We will manage all electrical services needed, in a safe working environment. Making sure all electrical codes and standards are maintained, in order to get your facility, machinery, and offices up and running in the shortest possible time, all within budget. Our ability to offer varied electrical and automation services under one company, makes us a one stop shop for all your electrical and expansion needs.

Lighting Upgrades and Retrofits

Better lighting for better buildings.

Before and after lightingLighting upgrades provide a win - win situation for property owners and the environment. New components provide big savings, improve lighting quality, provide more control, and help your building reduce its environmental impact by reducing your energy usage; however, the benefits don't stop there!

The people using your buildings benefit greatly from improved general and task lighting, optimized colour rendering, and uniform visual acuity from their new lighting systems. AM Electric can advise, recommend, and install lighting packages to best suit your requirements. Lighting upgrades can have significant Hydro saving and rebates are offered when installing more efficient lighting into your facility by joining BC Hydro's Power Smart Program.

Ask us How?

24/7 Emergency Response

Factories cannot produce during a breakdown. AM Electric understands the cost implication of plant down time. We will respond promptly for all electrical equipment. We offer 24/7 Emergency Response and repairs to restore production for our clients. Whether you call during the middle of the night or the middle of the day, we will be there to help you get up and running with in the shortest possible time.

 Contact us 24/7

Cell: (604) 767 - 8214

System Integration

Electrical Control System Upgrade Retrofit and Integration.

Need to improve performance or replace outdated control systems? Replacement Parts for an aging control system is getting difficult to find or too expensive to justify?

AM Electric provides complete upgrade and retrofit services for all types of machine control. From Project Design to Control Installation and Startup, AM Electric provides the technical expertise to help you succeed every step of the way. We will develop the solutions that help you succeed at leveraging existing equipment hardware to utilize the latest in control technology solutions.

System Integration


AM Electrics strives to get their customers up and running as quickly as possible. Our objective is to solve control system problems encountered, in an appropriate and efficient manner.

Our emphasis is primarily on electrical / electronic controls, but years of experience in the industry, has allowed us to gain an understanding with mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulics; which contributes to our ability to provide an integrated approach to problem solving. Our common sense, hands-on approach to trouble shooting provides cost effective solutions business and industry.

AM Electrics hands-on experience with a wide variety of industries, equipment, applications and the ability to read wiring and mechanical schematics makes us a great first choice when you are experiencing down time due to machinery breakdown.


AM Electric provides a complete line of Programming and Implementation services, including Drive System Configuration, PLC Programming, HMI/SCADA Design, and Data acquisition. Every project is designed to meet customer's specific needs, with the goal of improving performance and efficiency through every step of the development process.

PLC Control Programming:


  • Rockwell Automation Platforms
  • Siemens Automation Platforms
  • Omron


Drive Systems:


  • Allen-Bradley
  • Siemens
  • ABB
  • Yaskawa
  • Baldor


HMI/SCADA Programming:


  • Omron
  • Maple Systems
  • Indusoft

POWER Factor Correction

Power Factor (PF) relates to power quality or efficiency in a power supply system. A PF below 0.9 is low and a PF of 1 (unity) is the optimum. A major cause for low PF in industry and commerce can be traced to items of electrical equipment that may not be working to full rated capacity. High on the list of suspects are air conditioning compressor motors, machines running in idle mode and dated fluorescent lighting systems. This causes electrical inefficiencies to the incoming power supply system.


Supply Authorities recognize PFC as a well established method of reducing electricity costs and other harmful effects which can usually be corrected with the installation of capacitor banks connected across the incoming power supply mains and/or other sections of the power system.


Improving low PF in your industrial or commercial premises will provide the following benefits:

  • Minimize waste in electricity consumption.
  • Reduce KVA power demand and associated electricity costs.
  • Prevent additional Supply Authority penalty charges where applicable.
  • Recover lost capacity enabling the installation of additional equipment.
  • Reduce heat losses in cables and electrical equipment thus increasing life span.
  • Reduce demand on power stations thus reducing Green House Gases.


AM Electric Ltd. in conjunction with its affiliates can survey the Power Quality of your power system and provide a brief report and recommend a suitable power factor correction system, specially designed for your plant.

 Effective Solutions To Your Electrical Needs



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